Driven Pheasants

The hills to the north of Budapest present particularly good driven pheasants. The days are organised the same way as in the UK with 6 to 8 drives per day and lunch at half time. At the end of the day the bag is laid out in a rectangle of fir branches with fires at each corner in the traditional Hungarian manner. The head keeper gives a short vote of thanks to everyone for turning up, including the guns, and we all disperse for the evening to traditional Hungarian accommodations, which nowadays can include a castle if you wish.

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Wild Boar

Hungary is an excellent place to experience the thrill of driven Wild Boar hunting. There are open and fenced hunting areas, with the fenced areas extending to approximately 450 hectares (1000 acres) of woods and hills offering an excellent hunting experience. A combination of a day in an open area and a day in a fenced area often produces a satisfactory end result. Boars may also be shot from high seats and this is often the way preferred by someone looking for a large trophy.