Two first class Corriegarth sika stags. Shot the lthird week of September 2007.

Pip the cocker admiring 2 Erchless stag trophies. October 2007.

Sika from corriegarth
Pip the cocker and 2 erchless stags

Stag trophies waiting for shipment to their owners.

Stag trophies waiting for shipment

Four stags from Erchless including a hummel (never has horns).

Stags from erchless including a hummel

Magnus Jonassen with a good stag from Ardnamurchan. September 2007.

Stag-stalking/magnus jonassen with a good ardnamurchan stag

Magnus and Kine Jonassen ready to take the stag home with the Argocat.

Stag-stalking/magnus and kine ready to take the stag home
Spying for stags at ardnamurchan september 2007

Iain Cassie with a biig Royal stag at Glen Ample, Perthshire.

Iain cassie with big glen ample stag

Mike Holliday, the Glen Ample stalker, retrieving Iain Cassie's stag.

Mike holliday retrieving stag glen ample