ibex and espen

There are many species to hunt in Russia and the former USSR. Some species occur in several places but are markedly different one from the other due to local environmental conditions. A brown bear is a brown bear but those in Kola look completely different to those in Kamchatka.

Species include Marco Polo sheep, Snow sheep, Tur, Brown bear, Moose, Maral stag, Ibex, Siberian roe, Wolf, Lynx, Capercaillie and Blackcockj.

4th buck malform
kamchatka bear

Russia covers 10 time zones and travelling to a hunting rendezvous often takes more air time in Russia than time taken to fly from home to Russia.

Most hunts are single species hunts, especially if you are looking for a good trophy. Several species in one hunt are possible when looking for representative animals and several of the same species are usual when hunting Siberian roe buck.

kamchatka moose 2
3 boars kazakhstan

Each hunt is tailored for each client and usually includes all services from arrival in Russia to departure at the end of the hunt. An interpreter is always provided and the same one usually accompanies an individual or group for their entire stay.

Groups of 2 to 4 hunters who know each other are preferred, but individual hunters can be catered for either on their own or we will form a group by joining them with one or two of our other clients.

kola bear
maral stag

The most popular hunts are for bear, moose, Siberian roe, capercaillie and blackcock. Prices on Request.

marco polo
kamchatka moose
ed hayes kirov caper