Bird and Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

Landscape and morning mist
Birds and gun

Around Cape Town there are huge areas of farmland, which produce unlimited feeding for wild birds. There are also a lot of water holding dams for farming purposes and these are very attractive to waterfowl. It is a great combination, water and feed for the birds, access for the hunter.

For a number of species there is no closed season (Guinea fowl, spurwing geese, Egyptian geese, rock pigeon, doves and crows). The waterfowl season extends from January to July.

The geese and the South African shelduck are very common and other common species include red billed teal, southern pochard, Cape shoveller, yellow billed duck, red knobbed coot. Other ducks are not common but may be shot if encountered and they are white backed duck, hottentot teal, Maccao duck, African black duck.

The Free State is also a fine location for bird shooting. Those wanting to shoot sand grouse need to be near the borders of northern South Africa.

Typical Management hunt in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

In the Winterberg mountains north of Port Elizabeth I often have access to culling some 80 springbok and 20 kudu.

This is best done with a team of 4 during 7 days hunting – 20 springbok and 5 kudu per hunter.

Trophy animals of these and other species may be taken during the hunt if you so wish, followed by payment of the appropriate trophy fee.

8 nights full board and accommodation will be provided in the estate lodge in twin rooms.

Kudu ole and adrian

Transfers from Port Elizabeth, licenses and tax are also included in the price. Other costs: Fees on trophy animals (if any are taken). Spirits & special wines ( beer and table wine as usual to the establishment in type and quantity are included.) Any taxidermy work. Tips. International air fare.

Possible trophy species: kudu, oryx, black & blue wildebeest, eland, blesbuck, mountain reedbuck, rehbok, zebra, hartebeest, black & white springbok, steinbok, impala, duiker and jackal.

A change of area back towards Port Elizabeth could also yield nyala, bushbuck and blue duiker.

The hunt can be booked by a team of friends or several individuals.

There are also exotic Barbary sheep in the Winterberg Mountains.

Exotic barbery sheep